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Hidden Spinach Fruit Smoothies & Popsicles

This is my saving grace as a mother of picky kids.  They have no idea there's spinach in this smoothie and they gobble it up.  I make a giant batch and freeze whatever they don't drink into popsicles.

LOVE the VITAMIX for this!  I can put everything in and then blend it up and it's super smooth.  I use that thing almost every day for something.

You can throw anything you want in, of course.  I find that in order to use spinach, I must use yogurt - it helps the texture and it lightens the color enough that the blueberries can color the whole thing purple. I use plain yogurt.

Bananas need to be good and ripe, and often that is enough sweetness.  I'll add a little honey if I feel like it needs it but don't always put it in.  If I have ripe bananas I won't be able to use in time, I peel and freeze them in zip bags and use them for smoothies or muffins another day.

Frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries are a staple here.  Frozen peaches are good, too.

If I have oranges I'll peel and orange and throw it in.  Yes my vitamix pulverizes the seeds!

I love to add some Great Lakes grass-fed gelatin as well for extra protein. This stuff is so good and easy to add to anything since it doesn't gel up. (If you want the kind that does gel, for jello or gummies, you'll want the red can.)

Let me know what you put in your smoothies!

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