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Jasmine Rice

There is a restaurant in South Carolina called Yamato.  It's a hibachi restaurant but I haven't found another hibachi restaurant that is as good, though many come close.  The last time we went, we paid careful attention to how they cook the rice because it is SO GOOD.  We watched as they heaped some butter on it and light fried it on the grill.  That was it.  

Jasmine Rice

Cook rice as you usually would.  For us this means in a rice maker.  Prepare wok while rice is cooking by lightly spraying it with cooking spray.  As soon as the rice is done, transfer to wok and drop 2-3 Tbsp butter on top (more or less depending on how much rice you made.  You can add more if needed).  Stir fry the rice for a few minutes until it turns a light gold color, then pour into a serving dish.

Here is the full meal we usually serve: Bulgogi, Sesame Green Beans and Jasmine Rice.

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