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Banana Lizard

Do you remember the Banana Caterpillar I posted before?  My husband hates making it because it takes time to put the peanut butter between each slice of banana, and is a little messy. So he suggested that the kids might like him to make them a Banana Lizard.  Oooh. Aaah, If Daddy suggests it, they'll do anything. Sound familiar to anyone else? :) Anyway, the Banana Lizard was born! It's easier, faster, AND it comes with extra chocolate chips. Lucky kids.

Banana Lizard

Spread peanut butter (or almond butter, or some other butter) down the top of the banana, so that the curve is aiming upwards. Use dabs of peanut butter for the four legs, to help hold it up. The Lizard gets chocolate chips for eyes, a tongue, and then two more down the back because Daddy was feeling generous.

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